Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Female Entrepreneurship Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Female Entrepreneurship - Essay Example And, they have succeeded properly to show the world that they can be equality powerful and wise to run an organization as an entrepreneur. From the family run business and small business to the multinational companies the existence of the females in the powerful positions are clearly visible in the present time. From the grass root these females are nourishing themselves with great education. In the present time it has been seen that in most of the business schools the involvement of the male and female are almost same. This paper will focus on the general discussion about the female entrepreneurs. The leadership qualities and the present scenario in which these ladies are performing astonishingly are also mentioned accordingly. Introduction: In this modern society the men and women share the same respects. However, the females used to be taken as the weak gender for several years in the history of the human civilization. According to the mythical stories men and women are evolved fr om the same living organism. However, the behavioral approach and the communication pattern are totally different among these two living organism. John Gray’s book â€Å"men are from mars women are from Venus† became one of the most successful book in the last few decades for the behavioral study of these two living gender in the earth. It has been observed at a high intensity that the most important resource for an organization’s overall development remains to be its people and the customers whom it is serving to. It is by far the vital component in prospective decision making processes. (Heller, 2005). The policies and the practices within the organizational framework depend highly on its ability to adapt itself within an intensified competitive environment. (Dragun, n.d) Business environment: Men and women are different in their approaches and may be that is the reason the difference is seen in the decision making process of the females in the business enviro nment. It has been approved that the board of the companies have understood the potentials of the women CEOs and they have understood the impact of the positive impact of the new generation women CEOs in the field of brand building and building the new business empires (Price, 2007). There are many factors are important for the female CEOs to be successful in the men dominated world. Due to diverse range of participation, implementation of policies and variety of individual perception over execution of equal employment policies for females, the field of international business has become so diverse. Scholars like Toyne are of different opinion, as they have provided special emphasis on individual business organizations as participating units in the operation of international business and they also have pointed out the main reason behind disparity is actual consensus that more emphasis is provided on the entire business situation; rather than the organization â€Å"as unit if analysi s† (Vaghefi, Paulson and Tomlinson, 1991). Thus, the entire field of international business highly diversified and encompasses within its scope diverse range of strategic applications that are actually aimed at ensuring survival of an organization in an extremely competitive market. The strategic application regarding investment in international bus

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