Thursday, February 27, 2020

Problems In The Gym Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Problems In The Gym - Essay Example The windows are always opened with some trees planted outside to increase circulation of fresh air in the hall. The equipments are adjustable in order to accommodate a variety of users thus creating comfort when using without straining. Ramage and Bean suggest that everything with merits never lacks some demerits, there are some negative attributes associated with this gym (34). These are some of the things that create discomfort in durations that I am working out in the gym. However, the things can be tolerated, in order to concentrate with their routine activities. On the other hand, some of these problems are difficult to deal with and avoid. One of these things is the fact that sometimes the gym can be intimidating when one is surrounded by unfamiliar people starring. This brings a feeling of discomfort, and it can result to distressing feelings especially when a person is new in the place. The other discomfort arises when one is surrounded by sweaty people who are deeply involve d in their working out routine. Sometimes the place becomes humid causing difficulties in breathing properly especially when one is lifting a heavyweight. The other problem is related with fear of hurting yourself with the heavyweights through accidents. This also created a lot of discomfort when lifting heavy weight. One of the ideas that have contributed to my positive perception towards the gym is the fact that the place looks organized. This is a point that can be support by the idea that if a place looks attractive to the eyes then a person is motivated to be related with that thing or place. That is the reason for the feeling of comfort whenever am in the gym; therefore, the feeling of doing something that contributes to my well-being also contributes to my happiness (The American Council on Exercise, 1). The other point is related to the comfort felt when handling various equipments in the gym. Given that some of the equipments in the gym carry a lot of weight, one may end up hurting their palms if there is no gripping pad fitted on the equipments, or if they are worn out without being replaced. Therefore, I find the place particularly impressive see that the gym equipments are maintained well to facilitate the comfort in using the equipments. The other points related to the fresh are circulating in the hall due to the opened windows. There are of the gyms that have been fitted with equipment beyond their carrying capacity, and this makes the place to have reduced air circulation. Therefore, this is impressive to find that the gym is organized in a way that the air is circulating well for everyone. In order to discuss the way I deal with the challenges in the gym, there is a need to focus on the problem is related to a feeling of intimidation, when a person is staring. I find the behavior of starring being rude though people do it in one way or the other. When a person is staring they are obviously thinking something about how a person looks or what one is doing. This makes people think that they are not using the equipment in the right way, or maybe a person is doing something wrong. This problem is eventually dealt with as one continues to use the equipments and gains the confidence in what they are doing.

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